Product Description On Yphone

Kids develop early language and social skills with this easy to program Yphone. Teach your child how to call home, 911 and other important numbers. Program any number and record a message. When your child dials the number correctly, they will hear your personal message. Requires 3 AAA batteries, batteries included.

More Information About Yphone

Kids love to emulate adults around them–give them the pleasure of learning to use their very own phone with the Pretend & Play Teaching Telephone. The bright red and yellow plastic unit measures 7 inches across and has large buttons for easy use. Program in a number (your home, for example) and record a message for the kids to hear when they get it right. There’s also an emergency message associated with 911 to teach them what to do when trouble strikes. Other fun features include speed dial and an 11-digit display. Rob Lightne

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