Can i earn money from 3D Animation?

If you are passionate about technology with a creative mind set then you can earn money from 3D animation which is emerging as a lucrative career. In today’s world 3D animation is extending opportunities in various  directions. In this article, we would explore various money earning opportunities being a 3D animator and insights to achieve success in the fastest way and earn money.

Can i earn money from 3D animation

What is 3D Animation?

Before knowing the money earning possibilities, lets know more about what 3D animation is exactly.It refers to the process of creating moving objects by studying in detail about the modeling,texturing,rigging,animating and rendering objects to bring them into life of three dimensional digital environment by using softwares like Blender,

The Growing Demand for 3D Animation

The demand for 3D animation is high in visual storytelling and marketing campings are incorporating visual effects to engage more customers.The entertainment industry, including movies, television, and video games, relies heavily on 3D animation to create immersive experiences,Industries like architecture, engineering, education, and healthcare are using this 3D technology for trainiing purpose.

Ways to Earn Money from 3D Animation

1.Freelancing in 3D Animation

Freelancing allows you to work in leisure time and independently without having stressful lifestyle.Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr connect freelancers with clients looking for 3D animation services.Being a freelancer, you have the freedom to take decision about project choosing as well as the pricing along with building diverse portfolio while earning.

2.Creating and Selling 3D Assets

Another way to make money  is by creating and selling the 3D assets which can range from character modes, props to environment and special effects.. Online marketplaces like TurboSquid, CGTrader, and Unity Asset Store provide a platform for artists to showcase and sell their creations to other professionals in the industry

2.1 Platforms for Selling 3D Animation Services

You can showcase your portfolio and optimize your profile on platforms mentioned below to increase your visibility and credibility to attract more potential clients


Turbosquid is a high quality online marketplace where audiences can buy and sell 3D models,textures and other digital assets which  can be used in industries like gaming, animation, virtual reality and architecture.In turbo squid platform artists can get up to 80% royalty from the selling price. The registered members are included in their emails list through which they can get the latest information related to popular categories and keywords.


CGTrader is the world’s largest place for computer graphics, VR,AR and gaming. Artist can also work as a freelancer to create a asset if it is not available on the platform.90%  royalty can earned from each sale


Shapeways is an immense platform for 3D models with printing options and sells them in physical form.As the selling price entirely depends on cost of manufacturing material so if 80% markup is imposed then chances of overcharging the clients and losing them can happen.


Cults 3D is a best platform for designers and potential buyers as a social networking site. Unlike other marketplaces, it choose different categories like fashion items,furnishing,jewelry games and equipment.


Renderosity is the biggest online community with around 800,000 registered members. This place provides cheapest industry prices to those who want to market their products.


Sketchfab, now offers paid download option for users and encouraging the artist. But it would cut 30% on sales. Hence to become a seller in this marketplace you must fill a detailed application form.


Etsy is a well known eCommerce  website for all audience who are looking for customized options in every aspect. Digital prints are the best sellers in it. Etsy is popular in the world so you have to try it.

3.Developing 3D Animation Courses

If you are confident about your knowledge and have patience to create teaching modules then you can sell your 3D animation courses which would not also encourage aspiring animators but also generate passive income.You can share your ideas and knowledge with global audience through platforms like udemy and coursera.

4.Starting a YouTube Channel

Youtube has become an opportunity house for content creators,exclusively for artists to showcase their work in the form of either youtube shorts or elaborated training videos which can generate passive income when it is monetised. In the long run, the channel would stand out as a brand 

Building a Portfolio

Having a strong portfolio is essential for achieving success in the 3d animation world.A portfolio represents your strong technical skills and  projects executed by you demonstrates your ability to handle the work successfully which will make you reach potential clients.So try to execute different projects to build your creative and technical abilities.A well versed portfolio brings you exciting opportunities and lucrative projects.

Networking and Collaboration

Networking and collaboration play a crucial role in the 3d animation industry.Stay connecting with the co animators by attending events and joining the communities will help to build networking and be updated with the latest trends.Taking partnerships in the technical work with other professionals on projects or attending the contests can help you reach more audience and to establish your own brand.

Marketing Your 3D Animation Skills

Having a website is the first step in marketing.It can help as a root and interlink it with various social media platform to engage with your target audience.Building a personal brand and consistently sharing high-quality content will help to establish yourself as an authority in the field and attract clients and opportunities.

Tips for Success in the 3D Animation Industry

Here are some tips to enhance your success in the 3D animation industry:

1.Continuously keep updating yourself with the latest technologies and tools.

2.Practice vigorously  on new ideas.

3.Take regular feedback from co animators and professionals on projects.

4.Improve your time management and organizational skills to meet the deadlines

5.Regularly explore peers’ art works to gain inspiration and latest ideologies.


In conclusion, Yes can earn money as a 3D animator. The growth in 3D animation is creating unimaginable opportunities across different industries whether you choose to develop courses,sell 3D assets or do freelance work, start a youtube channel,build a portfolio.Grab the possibilities, sharpen your skills and unlock the potential to turn your passion for 3D animation into a rewarding career

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